Charity Crochet

Simply charity crochet patterns that can be made and be given away to a number of different causes. This website works with and to build a valueable resource for patterns that can be made for charities all over the world. Take the time to crochet something amazing for someone you don't know.

Lot of 5 small size afghan books.  4-5 designs in each one.  Then also just a tearsheet to make baby afghan with either bear or kitty motif squares.  All are clean and unmarked.

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Charity Crochet

This is a great, quick and crazy easy pattern. Perfect for the beginner crocheter or for those of us who love a good, quick, and useful pattern.

This can be easily made for a premature baby

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How to Crochet a Baby Dress

The P. B. and J. Project

P = Pets

This times it’s all about the pets. This means cats and dogs! I want to work on building pet pads that are used in animal shelters. These will keep the bottom of the kennels warm when it gets really cold out. They are quick to make and are normally considered rugs. Grab a rug pattern and start knitting or crocheting some pet pads. Make circle rugs ( pet pads) for the cats and rectangle ones for all sizes of dogs. These pet pads have little to no restriction, so feel free to build them from whatever you can. We are hoping to donate 15 to 20 pet pads every month… That means within a year we will have at least given 100 pet pads!
B= Babies

Last year it was all about the blankets. This time it’s about baby booties and baby hats. Both of these take very little time to make because they are smaller but the rules are unique because they have direct contact with the body of the child. These will still be donated to premature babies. We are hoping to donate 15 to 25 sets each month. That is a ton but it’s very easy to reach because baby booties only take 1 oz of yarn per pair. While the yarn needed is less… the cost of yarn is still there.
J= Joy

This year we are spreading the joy of reading , writing and learning. We will be publishing the first yearbook which is going to be called Joy. Secondly we will be holding a magazine fund raiser. This fund raiser will provide Ink Bean with enough funds to pay for the ebook publishing and also to afford buying enough yarn to do these monthly projects.

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How you can help:
Spreed the word! Let others who are crafters or writers know about Ink Bean and all the great things that is going on over here. A quick tweet of this page can help so much!
Crochet , knit or even sew something for the project above.
Buy a magazine subscription from this site once the fund raiser starts.
Submit your work to this website and get placed into the yearbook so that you can help us market and spreed th word as well. [/message]

Learn to Crochet using these great books:

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Crochet – By Cecily Keim

Crochet the Complete Guide – By Jane Davis

The Easy Learn to Crochet in Just One Day – Bobbie Matela

Learn to Knit using these great books:

The Chicks with Sticks Guide to Knitting – Nancy Queen

Teach Yourself VISUALLY Knitting - Sharon Turner

You can also use classic sewing to create these goodies.

Find patterns at these great websites (and more!) – Just search for free patterns, and you will find tons. Soon there will be a list that has my all time favorite patterns to make.

Send your completed item or baby weight yarn to:

Chimica Robinson

1633 Lauterbach St

Lancaster Ca 93535

The last day of the each month is when things will be delivered to different locations around the world.

Want to see the progress?

Want to see the most recent pictures? Then visit our Duckboard page…. We are very thankful to the Duckboard developers for providing Ink Bean with an account for free. This page will allow you to check out the latest counts, fun facts and also check out pictures.

Link for the Ducksboard page is coming soon.

Premature baby Crochet


Ebay LInk

5 Different Crochet Baby Hat Patterns.

Simple video showing you how to crochet, beginning with the loop, making the chain, turning and continuing. A simple single crochet.

This would be adorable for your small pet this Christmas season. Great for Christmas day and/or Christmas pictures!

How to Crochet a Granny Square


Of all the upcycling I do, this is by far my favorite: a circular crochet rug. There is something so satisfying when the rug is finished. Practical, functional, easy, and green, crocheting rugs from repurposed fabric allows you to decorate a space in infinite styles. You can make the rug as…